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Design system development, MVP design and lean UX testing 


As an early-stage startup, Unique faced the challenge of establishing their company and developing their Minimum Viable Product (MVP). They sought assistance in designing a user-friendly, functional, and visually appealing interface for their platform that they could use to attract their first customers and raise venture capital. 


Following an iterative design thinking framework , I helped Unique create a well-designed proof of concept and MVP. This included the development of a Microsoft Teams app and an online dashboard. Additionally, I established the foundation for a  comprehensive design system that could support their product as it scaled.


Design Language and Color Palette

Collaborating closely with the client, I quickly selected fonts and colors that aligned with their brand identity. We chose an open type font that complemented their logo and expanded their color palette to include options suitable for both light and dark modes.

Unique is a cutting-edge startup founded by a team of successful serial entrepreneurs. Their mission is to transform the way client conversations are captured, analyzed, and utilized, empowering client-facing teams with data-driven insights and enhanced decision-making capabilities.

Microsoft Teams Widget and Dashboard

 Working in tandem with the developer, I translated the client's user stories into a series of screens for the Unique Microsoft Teams widget. The widget, an integral part of their product offering, would be open and interactive during a call - providing sales professionals valuable feedback aimed to improve their interaction skills. 


 Leveraging the established design system, I designed the dashboard, focusing on the essential screens required for the MVP.

Client Portal and Usability Testing

To ensure optimal usability, I conducted usability testing. This involved recruiting highly the right participants, creating a test script, and developing a working prototype. I conducted all of the tests remotely and documented actionable findings that would improve the overall experience.  

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