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Product design & user experience

Starting from the simplest of sketches or the most detailed user stories, I create user flows, wireframes, mockups and prototypes to help you go beyond best practices, and deliver a unique and delightful user experience. 

Branding & creative


Branding is so much more than a logo and tagline. It’s a voice and a feeling that permeates all aspects of your business and communication. I can help create or evolve your brand by developing and documenting a cohesive design system that works across multiple touchpoints

Visual design

My job as a product designer rarely ends with the product itself and most often extends to the marketing materials needed to support a successful launch. Whether it’s your corporate website, landing pages, email design, social media assets or factsheets, I can help you develop all of the assets required for a highly branded and seamless customer experience.

User research

A product is only successful if it fulfills a need. User interviews, customer surveys and usability testing are some of the tools that I employ to help you understand your audience and evaluate design decisions. 


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