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Ava Women

Product design and creative direction for a successful FemTech startup

The Ava App

My first task at Ava was to evolve their existing MVP into a scalable application that would serve as a platform for future enhancements. We aimed to empower women with fertility related insights and data in a way that was informative without being overwhelming. It also needed to be simple enough that would fit into their morning routine. Key features included a dashboard, calendar, logging, health charts, a history view and pregnancy mode. 


Throughout the design process we engaged with our users through a variety of tools including online surveys and remote usability testing as well as post launch surveillance. This ensured our final output fulfilled their needs and we were constantly improving our product offering.

Ava 2.0

Ava 2.0 was a complete redesign of the original Ava bracelet with the goals of improving design, functionality and comfort. I was involved in all design related aspects of this process, from sourcing and interviewing industrial design firms to reviewing concepts, materials and final designs for the physical bracelet and packaging.

Ava brand refresh

With the launch of Ava 2.0, I led a visual refresh of the Ava brand, that included new photography, streamlined typography and a refined color palette. The goals of this refresh were to bring a level of consistency and maturity to the Ava visual identity and to ensure the brand experience felt recognizable, ownable and appropriate for the target demographic and subject matter. The new look and feel was implemented across the Ava website, social media channels, the mobile app, packaging and advertising.

Ava is a fast-growing startup focused on

advancing women’s health with AI and

wearable technology. As creative director I led product design and creative strategy across all consumer touch-points, including the mobile app, physical product, and marketing communication.

Ava  Prevent

To fulfill their mission of accompanying women throughout their fertile life, Ava planned to expand their offering to provide digital contraception. With Ava Prevent, women could sync their data, enter their period and wake up to a red or green screen that indicates whether it is safe to have unprotected sex. As a class 2 medical device, this new product required rigorous HFE testing and attention to the highest usability standards.

Ava  Prevent Design System

Because Ava Prevent would not launch for another year, we took the time to evolve, and modernize the existing Ava mobile design language. The goal of this update was to be more up to date with current iOS and Android design patterns and styles but not stray so far that Ava Prevent did not feel related to our existing mobile app. Once Ava Prevent is completed, the intent was to bring this updated design language to Ava Conceive and the web channel.

“Allison made an extraordinary impact at Ava, originally joining as a product designer and quickly taking on the role of creative director - leading our design team across product and marketing. Her exceptional design skills and strategic mindset elevated every aspect of our brand and user experience. Allison made it her mission to truly understand and empathize with our users and made sure that our product fulfilled their needs in every way. Her dedication, high standards, and collaborative approach were truly inspiring, leaving an indelible mark on our team and product.”

Philipp Tholen

Ava Cofounder

VP of Product  & Technology

Ava Women

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