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Branding and user experience design for a successful launch


expeerly faced the challenge of creating a distinctive brand and user experience that could evolve along with their growing business. The founder sought to attract retailers, brands, and content creators to contribute valuable content to the platform. With time constraints and budget considerations, a lean approach was crucial.


 I successfully established a strong and recognizable brand identity for expeerly that considered the needs of their different audiences. A well-organized design system and lean styleguide enabled me to  move quickly without sacrificing consistency or design quality.  This resulted in a successful product launch that included a website, sales deck, and product interface. 


Branding and Visual Identity

Based on a comprehensive creative brief, and an intensive workshop, I started the design process by creating an inspiration board to capture client feedback very early on.  Based on their feedback I explored various logo directions and narrowed potential design directions down to two distinct mood boards and concept statements. These concepts were then further refined  into one direction. 


The final direction embodied the expeerly community and the user's voice, represented through overlapping speech bubbles. A vibrant color palette and a friendly sans serif font were chosen to convey the brand's personality. Imagery focused on showcasing expeerly creators in their authentic home environments.  

Expeerly is an ambitious startup dedicated to curating high-quality user-generated content that benefits consumers, retailers, employers and brands.

User Experience Design

Following the branding phase, I proceeded to design the expeerly video player, interactive widgets, the corporate website, and sales materials required for a successful product launch. Having all of the branding elements and design system well documented in Figma made this process efficient and provided a great basis for future enhancements. 

"Allison proved to be an invaluable asset in shaping our brand identity and user experience at Expeerly. Her strategic approach, exceptional creativity, and impressive speed in delivery truly sets her apart. Allison crafted a distinctive visual identity that perfectly captured the essence of our platform, resonating with retailers, brands, and content creators. Her design efforts played a vital role in our successful launch and will continue to drive our growth. The comprehensive design system and documentation she provided was exactly what we needed to establish strong brand recognition and user engagement."

Lea von Bidder



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